Why choose our Haylage?

Our Haylage is an excellent choice for horses and ponies helping to maintain a healthy respiratory system and providing a good source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.  It is a dust free, natural forage with no artificial additives and is highly palatable.


Meadow / Timothy Mix


A high quality, dust free haylage that is high in fibre and suitable for feeding to horses and ponies in light to medium work and good doers.

Ryegrass Mix


A high quality, dust free haylage that is higher in energy and protein to suit horses and ponies in medium to hard work and competition horses.  Our Ryegrass mix can also be fed to horses and ponies requiring additional condition, ie. breeding stock.


Hay and Straw

We also provide good quality, dust extracted, compressed Hay and Straw Packs.  These convenient sized packs are ideal for easy handling and storage and a cleaner alternative to transporting small bales around in your car.

Hay and Straw



Our dust extracted hay is made from specially selected Timothy Grass with no additives or sugars, creating a high high fibre, low sugar hay essential for a healthy digestive system. 




Our straw is made from clean, golden wheat straw.  It is dust extracted, shredded and compressed providing a highly absorbent, versatile and easy to work with bedding that is not only biodegradable but very economical too.

Our packs are also ideal for dog runs and chicken coops.